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charley1Salut to a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year for you.

UPDATED 20/11/2016 F/A-18E

Here are several sets of checklists designed for FSX. We created these checklists as part of our ground school for each of the aircraft. The planes are:

VRSimulations F/A-18E Rhino (SuperBug) Normal procedures with AR receiver

DCattaneo T-45C Goshawk v1.1

LotusSim Aero L-39C Albatros (formatted for printout at A5 size)

Tim Conrad’s Douglas A-1H

Iris Raytheon T-6A Texan II

Combat Pilot Raytheon/Beech T-6B Texan II

Iris Pilatus PC-21 (includes reference speeds and control settings)

Razbam Convair F/A-201 Kestrel (including cold/dark start)

Will add more as we do more.


T-34C Forces Aériennes Royales MarocT-34C Forces Aériennes Royales Maroc

A long, eventful summer is over. Lots of changes at our house, many not so happy, have provided opportunities to re-prioritize and re-focus.

Moving the computers and flightsim lab into a bigger room facilitated bringing the ‘pit into the house out of the shop.

newpitroom1Best overall alignment of all the moving parts

Although the state of construction is pretty much where we left off in 2013,  design decisions about the front panel are better defined now. Build/use concurrency will be the norm  for sure.

newpitroom2Advanced sensor system in place

UPDATE: I believe we have gotten all the links active again. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if something isn’t working as it should.

Arrghh…looks like OneDrive has changed all the links on the download content from this website.

My most shocked and contrite apologies that I did not notice sooner.

Please bear with me for a few days while I straighten this file host created confusion.


Putting together a combinations of add-ons, softwares, and procedures to perform and evaluate the seemingly oxymoronic idea of solo formation practice. Using FSRecorder, TacPack TPS, and Tacview as a system seems to be useful.

Best to watch on YouTube at 720p resolution.