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Field carrier landing practice (FCLP) modifications for JDhaenens/JStinstrom’s KNMM NAS Meridian scenery for FSX. Offline configurator switches the runway night lighting between normal night operations and CDL (carrier deck lighting). Includes updates to navaids including VOR-functionality for the NMM TACAN and all waypoints from the approach charts. Requires “” by JDhaenens and JStinstrom. Please carefully read the installation and use instructions. NOTE: this mod does not include IFLOLS trailers. There are recommendations in the manual for where to get some trailers.

Download link here.

 KNMM2Shown with vLSO integration

KNMM1Need to work on that high in close



  1. thanks henry..!

    • Enjoy John, let me know if you have any problems or comments.

  2. Are any of your sceneries able to run on P3D 2.5? If not, are you planning to convert to P3D?

    • Unfortunately, all of them have “normal” issues with use in P3D. I have begun changing the way the sceneries are built to make them compatible in the future. My latest scenery, KNRS, will be beta tested in P3D.

      I will be purchasing a P3D license this year. Will start updating the FSX packages and creating new sceneries for P3D.

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