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FSX conversion and field carrier landing practice (FCLP) modifications for John Stinstrom’s NAS Oceana KNTU scenery, originally for FS9. Offline configurator switches the runway night lighting between normal night operations and CDL (carrier deck lighting). Does not require installation of the original FS9 scenery. Please carefully read the installation and use instructions. NOTE: this mod does not include IFLOLS trailers. There are recommendations in the manual for where to get some trailers. Huge thanks to John Stinstrom and Paddles from vLSO.

Download link here.





  1. Is this scenery running in P3D? Our old scenery for Oceana had an ILS for RWYU 23L can this be added to this scenery?

    • This version of the scenery is definitely not P3D compatible particularly with the FCLP lights. Stay tuned as we are going to be doing some P3D projects this year.

      Regards ILS at Oceana, there is none in real world so we have elected to not implement in the scenery. If you are inclined, you can add it with ADE or AFX.

  2. Our Squadron VCW8 made the decision to move over to P3D and at the same time we wanted to use your scenery since it looks to be the best up-to-date scenery. The main two Bases we fly from are Oceans (KNTU) and NAS Fallon (KNFL). It is assumed that the IFLOS problem will be common to each base? I understand the ILS answer and we look forward to your updates on these two sites for P3D. Any indication to a time frame would be helpful. Thanks

    • Fryman,

      As I note on page 4 of the manual, my KNTU scenery does not ship with any IFLOLS. You must have gotten them from either vLSO or RFN. Based on the comments from one of your other members, it was probably vLSO. Please contact Paddles at for his support on the IFLOLS. I will be working with Paddles when I move to P3D but that is still a ways off.


  3. i am having issues with the arrestor cables on the runways in this scenery… they are causing aircraft dammage when rolling over them on take off and landing… is there a fix or did i do something wrong with the installation?

    • Pete, very sorry for the tardy reply. Regards the arrestor cables on the KNTU scenery, they are FSX conversions of John Stinstrom’s original FS2004 object models. I have not had this issue with the scenery in FSX or FS-SE. Without digging into the objects themselves, I would say you did nothing wrong in the installation.

      A good way to test whether it is the KNTU scenery package is de-select all other scenery packages (and object libraries) you have installed except for the KNTU files/folders. If the problem goes away with this configuration, then likely you have some duplicated objects in another scenery package. If the problem persists in this configuration, likely is an issue with the objects in the KNTU package.

      Let me know what your test finds.

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