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March 21, 2012 was the first flight I recorded in FSX. The software had been installed for about 4 weeks prior to that, while I figured out the software menus, graphics settings, and many matters unrelated to flight training. The Iris T-6A was installed as my first airplane because that was the current US Navy trainer.

That first recorded flight was from JFK in New York city to Sikorsky Memorial in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The route and lesson came from this book: Learning to Fly with Flight Simulator. Several other of my early recorded flights were also from this guide.

KBOSFSX on a dual core Pentium IV computer by the way

Since March, 2012, I have not only recorded my flight time, but also recorded my other flightsim hobby related time. The difference between anecdote and science is the difference between “noticing” and “measuring”.

In round numbers, it breaks down like this:

Fight time            450 hours
Pit Building          340 hours
Systems work      150 hours
Social media        300 hours (desk only, does not include mobile device time)
Scenery design    520 hours
Total                   1760 hours since March, 2012

That is about 11 hours each week spent on this hobby. But only about 2.75 hours of flight time per week. And about 20% more time over 3 years spent on scenery design than on actual flying. In truth, all of the scenery design work occurred in the last 2 years. If pro-rated accordingly, I’ve actually spent a little over 5 hours per week in scenery design (with a corresponding decrease in flight time).

FlighttimeMay2015A primary characteristic of success is focus

Worth noting, that in 3 years time, a real world Navy nugget can go from 25 hours private flying time to FRS in an F/A-18 Super Hornet.

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