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I am such noob compared to many in the community, recently passing my 5th consecutive anniversary in this hobby. Despite starting out with a goal and a specific plan, 5 years later, I have not accomplished that goal. Perhaps worse than that, the strong energy of joyful naivety, of beginner’s mind, has greatly weakened.


For 3 or so of my 5 years, I kept records of all time spent related to the hobby and goal. The single largest use of my time, ostensibly in pursuit of my goal, was in scenery building. Scenery building was an accidental but necessary skill, or so I believed, to accomplish my goal. My time developing the Lemoore scenery (and other scenery projects) taught me, no matter what talent or skill I could manifest, that scenery design is not my first love in this hobby. The technical aspects of modeling and textures are beyond the time and motivation limits with which I work daily. I am more of an engineer than a designer and more of a geographer than a texture artist. First and foremost, I identify as “pilot”.


There is almost more change in the flightsim software marketplace in the last 3 months than the whole last decade. My scenery projects are showing their age and I am feeling the fatigue from not accomplishing my original goal. The net result is the projects need to be updated/ported/converted to the next generation of sims and I am not the developer to do it. Hell, I am not even a developer.


All my existing scenery projects have been terminated and no new projects are in planning, design or progress. The scenery development skills I have acquired will still be handy depending on the needs of my continued training. But, to repeat, I am “pilot” first.


Here is the specific status of the various projects in question:
1) Mississippi Ranges (FSX/P3D) — uploaded to MAIW
2) KNRS (FSX) — a streamlined version has been uploaded to MAIW
3) KNLC (FSX) — a streamlined version has been uploaded to MAIW
4) KNMM — pulled from download and retired because of intellectual property considerations
5) KNTU — pulled from download and retired because of intellectual property considerations.


All the downloads, WIP posts, etc. concerning these projects have been deleted from this website.


I am very appreciative that some folks in the community have initiated discussions to continue the longevity of a couple of these projects. We will keep you informed as things might develop.


I’ve come to know many scenery designers thru this process. To a person, all of them took my noob-ish questions with grace and warmth, allowing me to learn, very quickly, my own limitations. Some very well-known designers found out I was working on a given project and volunteered information critical to accuracy.


Community members of all kinds, former and current US Navy personnel, many specialists in arcane sim technology, and just plain nice people contributed to these projects. It was a very humbling and important experience for me as someone new to the hobby.


To everyone who took an interest, in whatever capacity, you have my thanks and irreducible gratitude.
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